Top 10 MUST have features for your yoga website design

Yoga 10 must have features

Which yoga website design features should you include on your website? Which beands should you go with once you decide on the yoga website design features?

Creating a website for your yoga business can be an overwhelming task. Most yoga teachers are not technology experts so it is not possible to know what are the best yoga website design features to include. Even if you were, that’s not enough. Your yoga website is a marketing tool. It is the most important marketing tool you have. Most yoga teachers are not marketing experts either. So, even if you had the tech skills, assembling it so that it takes visitors through the marketing funnel and converts them into paying customers is an entirely different proposition.

I hear you ask, what should I do? Fortunately, there are loads of things you can do to make the project a success. Start by researching the best yoga websites. Don’t just pay attention to appearance. Layout, colour use, content, menus, hierarchy are also important.

Don’t settle for a jack of all trade’s web designer. Look for a professional web designer specialising in health & wellness web design. Look for a web designer who understands your yoga business, your yoga customers, and the tools and features which work best for yoga teachers. Wellmarkit are a specialist web design team who work with a lot of yoga teachers.

We only work with the health & wellness sector, so we understand your business and the yoga community overall. We know what your fellow yoga teachers are doing to succeed. Wellmarkit can also recommend the best processes & systems for you yoga business success & offer you supplier discounts due to our specialisation. Contact us if you want to have a website that pays for itself and frees you up to do what you are passionate about – teaching yoga classes!

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Top 10 features for your yoga website design

This post will take you through some of the most important features to consider for your website. This is another post in the yoga web design series. We know that yoga teachers have a tight budget and we know the tried and trusted features and the best value providers.

Here are the most important features for your yoga website design.

Yoga Class Calendar / Timetable & Booking systems

47% of yoga website visitors believe that a prominently displayed yoga timetable is the most important information on your yoga website. If your yoga classes are live (and not pre-recorded), you should have a clear and updated yoga class schedule.
Prospective yoga students regularly visit your site to confirm class times fit their schedule. Website visitors will also be interested in the types of classes offered. Embedding your class timetable ensures that last minute changes to your schedule are visible on your site. It also makes messaging easier on your part.

There are different options when it comes to placement of your yoga class calendar. You could put it on a separate page. This works quite well. Alternatively, you could have a small notification box in the lower right corner of the screen. This makes your site appear more active.

Talk to Wellmarkit about the best yoga booking apps on the market today. As Wellmarkit work with many yoga teachers & studios, we know the pros and cons of each yoga booking system. We also know the yoga booking systems with the best features. It is very important that your yoga booking system integrates with other software on your website and outside of your website (think Mailchimp, lead generation, accounting etc). Wellmarkit can help you with all of that.

Responsive Design

Approximately 90% of local searches are done on a smartphone. Over 60% of your consumers say they’re more likely to choose a local business if they have a mobile-friendly website design. Responsive design enables your yoga website to adjust to the display on your visitor’s device. It is essential to ensure that no matter what device someone arrives on, they’ll have an excellent user experience.

Wellmarkit websites are optimised for all screens (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and widescreens). Wellmarkit build all our WordPress websites using Elementor, the best page builder to ensure responsive website design.
Yoga 10 must have features

Blog Posts, Videos, and Other Content


One of the best ways to market your yoga website is through content marketing. Content marketing is an umbrella term for blog posts, videos, Social Media posts, and interviews, amongst others.

The whole point of a blog is to connect you to a relevant audience. Your blog will also boost traffic on your website and send quality leads to your website. Your website stands a higher chance of getting discovered and visited by your target audience if you blog regularly and if the content you provide is of sufficiently high quality.

Blogging gives your yoga brand a voice. It allows you to share opinions and thoughts on relevant topics, in addition to sharing information about your yoga business and your services.
When you write a new blog post, it gets indexed by Google & other search engines. When your blog post is indexed, it will remain there and should gain traffic and generate leads weeks, months and even years after. Advertising is an immediate hit, blogging is a slow but progressive build.

Don’t expect to receive instant leads and hundreds of views. Be patient, your blog will take time to generate interest. It pays off in the long term.

Yoga web design Blog image


Perhaps the most important thing to include on your yoga site is a testimonial section.
Testimonials are a authoritative, yet underutilised, marketing tool. Many people are afraid to ask for a review, don’t know how to ask for one or what to ask for. Don’t over think it. You know your happy customers. They probably sing your praises to others. Make it official!

Testimonials will help you to build credibility, address concerns, and convert prospects clients into customers. Adding testimonials to your website is a very effective method to establish trust and strengthen your yoga brand reputation.

Testimonials are vitally important for gaining new clients, even more so in a service-based business like yoga. Accept any format of testimonial you can get. The absolute best type of testimonial is a video. Don’t put your customers off though, some people will find video intimidating. Know your customer, ask for what will be comfortable for them.

Credentials, Awards, Continuing Education & CPD

Whether you are a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), a Registered Yoga School (RYS) or have taken continuing education classes such as (YACEP), it is essential to highlight this prominently. If you’ve taken any educational classes, received any awards, or have other relevant credentials, be sure to display them. This might seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. Yoga Credentials, Awards, Educational Accomplishments build your authority as a teaching yoga.

Pricing and Payment System

Until relatively recently, it was common practice for yoga teachers to accept payment in person. This isn’t a great idea. Why? For two reasons.
One, because it’s never a good idea to carry a ton of cash around! And two, because it’s a much smarter business move to have customers prepay. That way, you can reliably plan your yoga sessions. There is now a third good reason to move away from cash. Cash is disappearing. Technology is moving at breakneck speed. People can now pay contactless, use Apple Pay, Square and in a few years, we will have a digital €.
Wellmarkit recommend having customers pay directly on your website. Read our comprehensive guide to the best booking systems for yoga teachers and studios.


Yoga shop icons

Many yoga studios earn extra income from “swag.” You can sell any kind of relevant products such as yoga mats, blocks, t-shirts, zafu cushions, yoga wheels, belts, coffee cups, and virtually any other kind of product you can think of.

Wellmarkit will setup WooCommerce or another appropriate online store on your yoga website, allowing you to sell and add products as you wish.

P.S. don’t forget gift cards! Gift cards are an excellent way to introduce new yogi’s to your class. They are a nice gift, offer flexibility and the conversion rate of gift recipients is very high. Much higher than you will achieve through other marketing channels. Why, ask us for more insights.

Contact Information and Map

The contact page is often low on the list of priorities, when people are getting a new website designed. This is a big mistake. If a prospective yoga student visits your website and likes what they see…the next step is contact you if they have a question or make a direct booking on your website.

If you run face-to-face classes, be sure to include the address and map. The easier you make it for customers to find and reach out to you, the more likely they are to book. Finally, include your email and a phone number.

Social Media Links

Always include links to social media and display them prominently on your website. It seems counter intuitive that you would include social media links on your website. At the end of the day, you want visitors to stay on your website, not click over to social media – of all places.

It is important that you build search relevance for your yoga business on the key social media channels. Building up quality links for your social networks helps them to display more prominently in search results. This will assist your overall business presence online and can help you find people to link to the content on your site.

Potential clients also like to do some due diligence. Some will check you’re popularity or social media presence, activity and hopefully absence of bad reviews. A good social media presence is vital for yoga businesses to help build a picture of you and your business.


Far too many websites turn into vanity projects. Over emphasis on the looks and not enough on the practicalities. At Wellmarkit, this is the difference between our yoga website designs and many of our competitors. If you are not a specialist, you don’t know where to add the value. That’s why we specialise in toga website design and in Health & Wellness overall.

We bring the value through deep knowledge of what works and what does not. We will deliver a beautiful website that meets your specification. 

Yoga website homepage design

We will also turn the automation up to the max. Automated communication (we recommend Mailchimp, Activecampaign), cross posting for blog posts to social media (Hootsuite), bot communication for out of hours messaging whilst you are sleeping. We will automate you booking system, your payment system and finally but very importantly: your intake forms.

Adding automated, electronic intake forms, spares you the admin nightmares of having to request paperwork, process and store it physically. You can have waivers signed automatically and every box ticked when your new yoga students arrive to your class for the first time.

Your website should save you time, energy & money so that you can do the things that you love to do. Get the full value from having a website for your yoga business by contacting Wellmarkit today.

Hiring a Yoga Web Design Professional

So you have decided to proceed with creating a website to showcase your yoga business. There are many things to consider aside from even the features to include.

A web designer is a technically skilled professional. They will build you anything you want and most will just follow your instructions. If you are spending a significant amount of money to build what will be your “shop front”, then you need to expect more.

That’s where a web designer who specialises in your sector adds real value. Wellmarkit specialise in yoga design & we only work with the Health & Wellness community. Understanding your business is important, understanding your end users behaviour is even more important. Knowing what your peers are doing is important. Knowing the best tools, features & layouts for a yoga website are invaluable. Since we specialise in Health & Wellness, Wellmarkit also have access to discounts and offers which other web designers do not.

• We will happily share lots of quality websites in our portfolio.

• Wellmarkit support you through the web design process. We provide ongoing maintenance and website backup at favourable rates to our customers.

• We link you up to the best website hosting providers (warning: do not buy hosting from a web designer).

• We are here for you, the yoga community. Wellmarkit are one of only a few web designers solely dedicated to yoga teacher / studio web design. At the end of the day, wouldn’t you prefer to work with a specialist when it comes to your passion and business. Experience is invaluable ultimately will increase the likelihood of success for your yoga website project.


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