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Why You Should Take SEO Seriously


Google holds 93% search engine market share

People go on Google with intent to buy unlike on social media where they generally stumble across products & services. Google is the giant in internet search a consequently a huge part of your SEO effort should focus on Google.

Google’s algorithm changes regularly. We can keep you aware of updates, and trends & how to retain your hard earned Google search ranking.


Only 23% of users visit page 2 on Google

With SEO, the ultimate aim is to rank as high as possible for your chosen keywords. Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google.

77% of users don’t pass the 1st page of search results because they usually find what they are looking for on page 1. If you’re not aiming to be on the first page of Google, what’s the point?


The 1st Google search result gets 38% of clicks

Users instinctively click on the first result they see. The 1st Google search result gets 10 times more clicks than the 10th result on the first page.

The moral of the story - it is very much worth investing in improving your search position through using high quality SEO service providers such as Wellmarkit. Having someone like us who specialize in your sector is even more valuable.

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We Are Committed to helping you overcome your marketing challenges & attain spectacular results.

Is your website on the first page on Google for your chosen keywords that relate to your business ? If not, then you’re missing out on huge opportunities in potential traffic, leads, and sales.

The key to achieve a high Google search ranking is performing search engine optimization (SEO). Wellmarkit dive deep into our Health & Wellness clients website & content and work with them to develop a customized SEO plan based on best practice and what we find successful with other Health & Wellness clients. The reward: your business receives more organic visibility and qualified leads. 

SEO search ranking - SEO Services

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Tailored SEO solutions specifically for your Health & Wellness business.


Keyword Research & Strategy

Your SEO success and ranking potential rest to a large extent on your keyword strategy & its implementation. Wellmarkit understand the importance of Keyword Research & effective implementation of your keyword strategy. We use the full suite of SEMrush tools (amongst others) to provide comprehensive keyword research coverage & provide accurate relevant results.


SEO-Optimized content

A favorable Google search ranking requires not just quality content. That content must be original, topically relevant, SEO optimized (on-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, off-page SEO), keyword-rich. If all those boxes are ticked, you will rank higher, receive more traffic, convert it & finally profit from it.


Backlink building

Link building is a part of SEO, referred to as Off-Page SEO. Backlink building helps search engine crawlers (such as Google) discover new pages and determines how well a page should rank. The more topical, keyword-rich & relevant backlinks you have, the higher you will ranking on Google. Link building can also make your website appear more authentic and help you generate referral traffic.

SEO Solutions for Health & wellness leaders

85% of Health & Wellness consumers search online before making a purchase / booking a service


SEO is vital for traffic & conversion because you can target people with high purchase intent using the right keywords.

These people are ready to spend money for your product or service - the only question is, who will they choose.

Offer value, Get business

SEO done correctly involves giving value to potential consumers by creating high-quality and useful content and providing a seamless user-experience.

By engaging & providing value to your visitors, they’ll be more compelled to purchase / make a booking.

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Alan Law

Psychotherapist at Mindbeacon

“Refreshing to find a partner who are genuinely interested in our long-term growth & success – unlike the poor experiences I had with other providers who just wanted the money & get finished as quickly as possible .”

SEO for nutritionists

Estelle Mendez

Owner Ritual Yoga

“I felt pretty lost when it came to SEO but new it was important. Wellmarkit were great and so much easier because they understood the yoga market since they specialize in Health & Wellness.”

SEO for Life Coaching

Katherine Broderick

London Life Coaching

“I felt reassured working with Wellmarkit, they understand my business and we agreed our goals. Hard to fault the experience and I have learned a lot too. I continue to work with Wellmarkit”


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Search Engine Optimisation Defined

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your website in Google’s organic search results, making it easier for your target audience to find you. Search Engine Optimization is a key component of any digital marketing strategy, alongside PPC (Paid Ads)social mediacontent marketing and other channels, and if done correctly can yield huge rewards to your Health & Wellness business.

SEO Packages at a glance

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Technical SEO

Link Building

SEO Tools Setup & Optimisation

Local Search Optimisation



Frequently Asked questions

There is no set cost for SEO work as it depends on on variables such as how large your website is, your competition, the area your Health & Wellness business covers & your business goals. The larger your website, the more extensive the project will be.

Some SEO activities only need to be done once. Others are ongoing & as your site grows, they need to be taken care off so it is quite common for SEO work to be undertaken over a 6 month period. Wellmarkit provide a free proposal with detailed cost breakdown and an SEO Audit so we all understand our starting point. We develop an SEO plan based on our proposal this provides a clear roadmap for what will be achieved each month. You can see our 3 main plans above.

Typical benefits our clients experience in their Health & Wellness businesses include:

You get found by more patients / clients. Over 80% of potential customers / patients search online for Health & Wellness services & providers. A strong online presence and good reviews establish your practice as the patient choice. We help you achieve this through mobile ready website, focused SEO, potentially paid advertising (Google Ads or Facebook Ads) and reputation management.

You get an increase in appointments & bookings: We add online scheduling to your website, secure two way messaging.

Seamless communication & reduced cancellations & "no shows". We create automated email and text message reminders at appropriate times to ensure maximum chance of appointment occurring. 

Customers also experience huge time savings as we automate most of your admin (scheduling, cancellations, rebooking, payments, reminders, receipt issuance & even accounting entries can be automated. 

Savings - as well as all the above time savings, you also increase money in the bank. Lower "no shows" mean more sales for you, less time spent trying to market your business, stronger professional reputation, more time for your "real work" and lower running costs. 

Our SEO expertise is focussed on the following Health & Wellness areas:

Medical Care: SEO for Doctors, GP practices, Physicians & Medical Centers, SEO for Dentists & Orthodontists, SEO for Pharmacies & Chemists, SEO for Physiotherapists, Podiatrists Dieticians & Optometrists. SEO for Medical Aestheticians, Fertility clinics & Laser eye clinics, SEO for Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists Speech & Language Therapists & Audiologists, SEO for Plastic Surgery clinics,  Liposuction clinics, & Lactation consultants              

We also provide SEO services for Mental Wellness practitioners including: SEO for Counsellors, SEO for Psychotherapists, Psychologists & Hypnotherapists, SEO for Life CoachesArt therapists, Gestalt therapists, Meditation teachers, Mindfulness practitioners & Cognitive behavioral therapists (CBT)                            

Holistic Therapy: We also provide SEO services to Holistic & Complementary Therapy practitioners, including: SEO for Nutritionists, SEO for Reflexologists, SEO for Reiki Masters & Reiki Practitioners, Health Food shops, & Supplement retailers. SEO for Acupuncture clinics, & Massage therapists, SEO for Beauty therapists, Health spa, SEO for Wellness resorts, Aromatherapists, Ayurveda practitioners, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy,  Cryotherapy & for Medical spas.           

We also provide SEO expertise to a selection of businesses in the active leisure area, including: SEO for Yoga studios & yoga teachers, SEO for Pilates studios & Pilates teachers, SEO for Personal Trainers, Health & Fitness product businesses, SEO for Golf Clubs & SEO for Gyms.


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