Best yoga websites 2021

Best Yoga websites

2021 Best yoga websites

First impressions count! The best yoga website designs result from a combination of research, planning, artistic creativity & web designer skills and intuition. Of course, you want your website to tell your story. Your new yoga studio website design should not be a vanity project however. Ultimately, your yoga website is for your yoga students and prospective new clients.

Our list of the top yoga studio website designs for 2021 show the personality of the owner and practicality and functionality for the user. Getting your yoga homepage design right is critical. Many of your website visitors will land on your homepage first. If they don’t like it, they will likely leave.

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We have selected some of our favourite yoga studio website designs from this year. Some of them were created by our talented team, others by people in our network. What they all have in common is clear purpose, simplicity, aesthetics and most importantly, clear calls to action and direction for the user to take action.

As with Yoga Rise London, the best yoga websites combines a modern design with funky branding. Inspirational imagery and headline text immediately communicate what the organisation is about. The colour shades are striking, but used sparingly, they are very effective & they section off the content. Scrolling down reveals persuasive reasons to take up yoga, free lesson opt-ins, workshops, retreats, in studio, online and even on the roof class options. The site is made to appeal to a larger audience and succeeds well.

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With Love Emmy yoga website design

The best yoga websites are soft, clear, welcoming and engaging. Emmy went for a the clean and quite minimalist website design and we love the result. We used gentle hues and earthy colours on a modern crisp background. It is important to make it as easy as possible for your website visitors to find what they are looking for.

The menu on Emmy’s site is minimalist and it is very easy to navigate from the homepage to other pages. Page hierarchy is also low which aids navigation. WithLoveEmmy’s branding and logo concepts we designed branding create a calm and serene effect. Exactly what Emmy’s clients will look for as she is teaches pre & post natal yoga classes.

Austin is a city synonomous with tech, youthful exhuberance and no limits to what can be accomplished. The YTX Austin yoga studio website is one of the best yoga websites in terms of functionality & vibrancy. The homepage features an image slider which changes every few seconds.

The images display powerful motivational statements and promote various upcoming events, activities, and teacher training courses. In terms of website layout, this is our favourite. Wanderlust Austin is a busy place and they always have a lot going on. You wouldnt know that from looking at the top level menu & that is a good thing. Simplicity, simplicity!

YTX Austin yoga website design portfolio website
Dublin best yoga website design - The Elbowroom

No yoga teacher in Ireland will be unfamiliar with The Elbowroom. With such a comprehensive offering in terms of classes, specialisms & teacher training school, there is a lot to pack in. Arguably, it could be laid out better and the use of colour could be improved however it still stands far in front of most yoga websites we see these days. 

The Elbowsroom use a number of images on the homepage, which helps potential clients get a better feel for the studio but also to break up the text and keep visitor attention. 

The home page has call-to-action buttons, describing the different types of yoga that on offer. Instructor profiles, featured reviews, certification logos, popular classes, and a newsletter subscription form also generally help.


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