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Wellmarkit build enduring relationships and support Health & Wellness businesses as they grow and evolve. We are the Web Design, Marketing & Mentoring partner of choice to ambitious Health & Wellness businesses. Trust, transparency, honesty & integrity are central to everything we do.

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Our mission is "to enable & empower Health & Wellness business owners to better serve their clients".

We believe in doing things once and doing it right. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. You also cannot get the time, energy or money expended with inferior suppliers.

We created Wellmarkit to be that one stop shop where you get to work with marketing, web design & business professionals who specialize in your sector. 

Yes, we only work with Health & Wellness business owners and so you get the inside track on what works and you get to work with people who understand your business, your processes and what your customers really want. That is value worth paying for. 

Our Team

We specialize in marketing, web design & mentoring to Health & Wellness businesses. 
Specialization makes us experts in supporting businesses like yours. 100% of our work is with businesses in your sector. If a jack-of-all-trades web designer or marketing agency spend less than 10% of their time working with businesses like you, how can they deliver you the best solution. Inferior knowledge leads to inferior results. 

“Do it once, do it right” is one of our mantras.  Here are our leadership team. We are here to support you and give you the next push forward.

David Callanan - Wellmarkit

David Callanan

Mentoring & Advisory

David is a highly experienced mentor and advisor to Health & Wellness businesses. He has over 20 years of experience working with large companies including the Bill Gates Foundation (GAVI), tech giant Expedia, mining giant Rio Tinto, Westpac (Australia’s largest bank) and General Electric. David has worked in the US, UK, Switzerland, France & Australia.

David is passionate about helping Health & Wellness businesses and brings his business acumen to mentor & support ambitious businesses to grow and better serve their clients & patients. David mentors’ clients directly through Wellmarkit & is on the LEO (Local Enterprise Office) mentoring panel in several counties. David also conducts masterclasses & group webinars in business, marketing, e-commerce & websites for Irish & UK counselling, psychotherapy, physio, Psychology, Holistic Wellness, Yoga, Life coaching, Pilates & other associations.

David’s background, qualifications, experience and knowledge of your Health & Wellness business niche will deliver value, insights and a significant advantage over your local competitors.


Sharmini Fraser

Head of Web Design

Sharmini started working in web design back in 2013. She as worked with 300+ businesses internationally. Working with such a variety of businesses has given her a great insight into the profound effect that well designed website can have on a business. It can often be the difference between making a sale or losing one.

Sharmini pride herself on offering unique, creative design solutions that are not only visually impacting but also user-friendly, keeping your customers coming back for more. Sharmini has amazing intuition, asks great questions & ensures that the website we deliver meets your business goals as well as ensuing that it looks great on all devices.

Being fully immersed in the rise of social media and the internet, Sharmini have always had her finger on the pulse of the latest digital trends in both web and social media.
Sharmini believes that in today’s society, having a strong presence online is integral to business success. The evidence & results are in the websites she delivers & with a personal social media following of over 85,000+ she shares the knowledge used to grow.

Cecile Dhour

Head of Marketing

Cecile is an inbound marketing specialist. – She builds lead generation funnels and content strategies to promote wellness businesses and projects with a social purpose. Cecile reviews her clients whole marketing ecosystem, from their website to their social media, blog and newsletter – and rearranges everything to build an effective customer journey and marketing funnel for greater success.

Cecile is French, holds a master’s degree in Marketing Management and speaks both English & Spanish fluently. Openness, human connection, and good intentions are values core to her heart & she seeks these qualities in any of her work endeavours.

As an authentic french person, she loves to cook (and to eat), does yoga on a regular basis, and is deeply interested in the holistic approach to life and humanity.

Jessica Head of SEO

Jessica Thomas

Head of SEO

Jessica brings her WordPress and SEO skills together to help wellness businesses and succeed online. There is no point building a beautiful website if nobody can find it. There are 1.17 billion websites online. It is Jessica’s job to make sure that your target audience can find your website.

Jessica began her SEO career helping her family business website get to the top of Google. Since then she’s been obsessed with Google’s algorithm and has helped countless businesses to master Google search ranking! 

Jessica is an expert in Google search ranking, keyword research, website audit & content plans. 

When not doing keyword research or pulling off SEO magic for Health & Wellness businesses, she is enjoying her passions. Jessica is a foodie and travel fanatic. She is on a mission to complete her challenge of visiting every UNESCO world heritage site, currently she has visited 57!

Mark - Wellmarkit photographer,editor

Mark Siegel

Photo, Video & Editing

Wellmarkit have a network of photographers who we can recommend to shoot your images and video, no matter where you are.

Our team are experienced in managing & working with photographers & editing staff and maintain high standards in photo and motion picture editing.

We have strong ability to determine story narrative and develop working outlines for photographers.

Our team are excellent communicators and can maintain an ongoing dialogue with photographers and editors at all phases of story development.

Mark manages a photo studio with shooting, editing & quality control & provides dedicated service & preferential rates for Wellmarkit clients.

We work with online and print editors on an assigned content beat to produce strategic coverage and ideas for both print and online.

Wellmarkit Head of Social Media Susanna

Susanna Hayrapetyan

Head of Social Media

Susanna is a social media specialist with a strong marketing background and great knowledge of the social media landscape and knowledge of which channels & content are working for different product and service providers within the Health & Wellness sector.

Being in the advertisement and sales field since 2008, she have worked with many local and international companies as a freelance SMM Specialist, Sales Manager, PR Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Consultant.

Our social media marketing team can help you develop, implement & manage your social strategy, define important KPI’s to see what is working, manage your content, advise on tools and practices to get ahead of your competition. Our team are also experts in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads and generating traffic & conversion for your campaigns.

Values we live by



We are good citizens in the Health & Wellness community and we strive to help you thrive & focus on what you do best.


Candor & empathy

We don’t shy away from difficult conversations but we always start with empathy. We give and receive useful, honest feedback without fear or ego.



We provide outstanding products and services that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.


Do the right thing

Our clients entrust us with their business. We take that responsibility seriously. We make decisions based on evidence, experience and ethics. We challenge our clients if it’s the right thing to do.



We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions. We strive to do our best and deliver what we promise. We believe in doing it once & doing it right.



We chose to work with the Health & Wellness community exclusively. We believe in open communication, collaboration & nurturing long-term relationships that deliver quality & value.

Recent clients are saying

SEO for counsellors - Web design & Marketing for GP's & Medical Centers - Health & Wellness business marketing

Alan Law

Psychotherapist at Mindbeacon

“Refreshing to find a partner who are genuinely interested in our long-term growth & success – unlike the poor experiences I had with other providers who just wanted the money and get finished as quickly as possible.”

Wellmarkit client logo - psychotherapist logo

Eva Llado

Reiki Teacher & Psychotherapist

“Very professional. They built my website and…the quality of the service is exceptional. David & his team care about detail and work in a familiar trusting environment that makes you feel accompanied. They are fast and transparent, which is difficult to find in this area… I fully recommend Wellmarkit”

SEO for Life Coaching

Katherine Broderick

Life Coach - London

“I felt reassured working with Wellmarkit, they understand my business and we agreed our goals. Hard to fault the experience and I learned a lot too. I continue to work with Wellmarkit”

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