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The Challenge

Starting & running a new business involves lots of important decisions & sometimes complex issues. Nobody is an expert at everything & that is ok. It is wise to involve somebody who can help you wade through the treacherous waters of the first years.

Most businesses don’t fail because their idea is not good. They fail because the execution was wrong and enough mistakes were made at the outset that they run out of money before they can scale to a profitable size. It’s as simple as that.

Involve a mentor with the required expertise to help you move forward. This is where we can help.

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Our Mentoring Services

Business Mentoring

Our 1-2-1 mentoring sessions are for business owners who seek the expertise to overcome a business challenge. Maybe you need to unblock your ambitious yet overwhelmed mind or you just aren’t quite sure of the right path or next steps.

We like to describe mentors as honest, trusted but unreasonable friends, meaning we are on your side but we will challenge you!

We will look to understand your goals and question, challenge, coach, train and advise you to help you achieve them. In summary: “We enable business owners to achieve their goals by helping to remove barriers to performance and releasing the potential in their business”.

Group Deep Dives

A deep dive on a specific topic business review, mentoring & feedback with your mentor and 5 peers. How does it work? We focus on a specific topic with a group of 10 peers. All topics are highly relevant to running a successful business & include: content marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, sales funnels, SEO, client onboarding, lead generation, improving your conversion rates.

Over 3 sessions: introductory session, masterclass session & review session, you give and receive feedback on 5 peers based on our predetermined criteria. We agree how you can improve & which actions you must take. You get an accountability buddy & a new network to build a better future.

The Board You Can’t Afford

You join a group of 10 peers and we meet monthly. We agree stretch goals which appear out of reach & you are held accountable, supported and advised on how to get there.

This program is for ambitious business owners determined to learn & progress. Benefit from the accountability of your peers, giving you the necessary structure to achieve. Share the highs of your successes in our monthly group meetings. Your peers and your mentor give you honest, constructive feedback, support and advice for the next month and milestones.

The ‘Board You Can’t Afford’ is an exclusive 12 month program with lots of benefits which will last far beyond the program's conclusion:

You get: Accountability, Learning & Networking with the best of your peers. Honesty, Fun & Self Discovery & improved awareness. A Trust based circle of your peers holding you accountable and winning together.

Startup Business Planning & Advice

Starting a new business? An invaluable 1 day session to cut through the noise & finish with indispensable business plan to kick off in the right direction. We identify your customers problem that needs solving, identify your customer segments, your unique value proposition (why are you different?).

We look at your problem solution, sales channels, revenue streams & cost structure. Finally, we look at your key metrics & unfair advantage.

The seeds of success or failure are most often sown in the early days of a new business. Critical questions need to be answered thoroughly. What is the best way to create awareness? To generate interest? Who is your customer? Do you understand your market? Do you have problem / solution fit? Do you have product / market fit? How do you scale the business?


Know The Industry

23 Years Of Experience In Business Advisory and Mentoring

"If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before."

J Loren Norris

We understand you're market

Not only can we provide mentoring & support in the areas you need help, but we also specialize in the Health & Wellness sector.  We understand the issues, we have worked through them with your peers before & we can share what worked best for businesses like yours to move forward.

We help Build People's Dreams

As a small business owner you must step into many different roles every day with limited resources, limitless competition and so many challenges to overcome. This is where we can help you. We are the Board you can’t afford, the behind the scenes partner to helping you smash this out of the park!

How our business mentoring can help

A start-up mentor is somebody who has been in your position, worked through it, and come out the other side successfully. A good mentor is somebody with experience in your industry (ideally both success and failure). Your mentor should have expertise in the specific area of growth you’re struggling with. That’s where we can excel together.



We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

A start-up mentor is somebody who has been in your position, worked through it, and come out the other side successfully. A good mentor is somebody with experience in your industry (ideally both success and failure). Your mentor should have expertise in the specific area of growth you’re struggling with. That’s where we can excel together.

At Wellmarkit, we specialise in business mentoring to start-up and small businesses to help them take the next steps on their growth journey. We offer marketing mentoring, business mentoring and website and technology mentoring to enable you to reach your target audience. We offer mentoring to businesses across Ireland (Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow mostly however we are open to working with businesses across Ireland.

Following our partnerships in the UK, US & Canada we are now offering mentoring support to business we feel are a good fit and in whom we see great potential to develop and grow.

We would recommend caution when looking for free mentoring resources as no 2 businesses are the same and the last thing you want are trial and error exercises. You are now running a real business and errors are costly. Talk to us and we can provide you with mentoring resources which are tailored to your needs and to your type of business. 

Having said that, there are some good general reosurces out therewhich can be of benefit. Here are a selection:

Mentoring Handbook

The Grow Model

The Thinking Environment


We offer business mentoring to start-up and new businesses in all sectors as we have the expertise on our team to cover different sectors.

We have specific mentoring packages for Health & Wellness businesses & professionals, given that this is where our overall business focus rests. Our mentoring packages for Health & Wellness businesses apply to the following businesses:

Medical Care: Mentoring for Doctors, GP’s, business mentors for Physicians, Medical Centres, Dentists, Orthodontists, Pharmacies, Chemists, Business mentoring for Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, mentoring for Dieticians, Optometrists, Medical Aestheticians, Fertility clinics, Laser eye clinics, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists, Audiologists, Plastic Surgery clinics, Nursing Homes, Liposuction clinics, Lactation consultants              

Mental Wellness mentoring for Counsellors, business mentor for Psychotherapists, business mentors for Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, mentoring for Coachs, Art therapists, Gesalt therapists, Meditation teachers, Mindfulness practitioners, Cognitive behavioural therapists (CBT)                            

Holistic Therapy: mentoring for Nutritionists, business mentoring for Reflexologists, mentoring for Reiki Masters & Reiki Practitioners, Health Food shops, Supplement retailers, Acupuncture clinics, Massage therapists, Beauty therapists, Health spa, Wellness resorts, Aromatherapists, Ayurveda practitioners, Bowen Technique, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Cryotherapy centres, Medical spa, electrotherapists.           

Business mentoring for Yoga studios & yoga teachers, mentoring for Pilates studios & Pilates teachers, Personal Trainers, Health & Fitness products, Golf Clubs, Gyms

Yes we do. Whilst we believe that 1-2-1 mentoring is often the best approach, we understand that sometimes that is not possible. After all, new businesses cost money initially before you start to make money. 

With that in mind, if you are not in a position to fund 1-2-1 mentoring, you should still get in touch. We regularly run workshops on very specific topics and this could be exactly what you need. We run half day and full day workshops on business planning as well as deep dive 3hr sessions on operational business, marketing and technology specific topics where you will be with 10 of your peers. These are awesome value.  

Your ally: New businesses need a mentor because they need someone to trust, someone who can share the lived experience with them & enable them to avoid making avoidable mistakes. We are not there to tell you what to do, but to ask questions to help you overcome obstacles, to be like your partner, a person you trust and can rely on.

Truthfulness: Of course, a good business mentor will encourage and inspire you. They should not be agreeing with everything you do, as it won’t help you grow. Mentoring requires honesty & openness & a willingness to listen, even if you initially do not agree. Startup businesses often become entrenched in their solution without having completed the necessary market research to ensure product market fit. This is one of the most common reasons for business failure.   

If you accept us as mentors, we must deliver the message, be that a positive, or negative one. We encourage our mentees but at the same time, it doesn’t mean that we will only be saying nice things.

A good mentor will find a way to make you see flaws and fix them, it isn’t about criticizing you. A good mentor can see what others cannot and they can then guide you to overcome the challenge.

Guide & inspire: Mentoring is not about telling you what to do. Quality business mentors guide and inspire you to see the path yourself and to take the actions to reach your goals. Start-up business mentoring is getting you to come up with the idea yourself, internalize the guidance and learning from your mentor and realize by yourself what needs to change. We don’t lecture, we mentor and this is where you get to grow.

Challenging you: The best mentors cherish openness and a willingness to have your your ideas and approaches challenged. If you are too stuck in the detail, you can lose sight of the high level “big picture. Our mentoring approach includes asking questions that you may not have thought of before. Our business mentors might play a customer in front of you, asking ‘Why would I buy anything from you? What is your unique selling point?

Skill development: Running a Health & Wellness business requires a diverse set of skills. A strong business mentor helps develop those skill sets. It is not possible for a business owner to be the master of all the roles you have to cover; developing an effective business model, managing a team, developing your website, designing an effective marketing strategy, automating order to accounting process. You can save vast amounts of time to focus on your customer by putting the right foundations in place. A quality mentor can free you up to focus on the right things and direct you to the best places to learn about the other pieces you need to know.  


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