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How we work


Talk to One of Our Health & Wellness sector Experts

A Wellmarkit Health & Wellness sector business advisor will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs and web design & marketing requirements


Work with Hand-Selected Talent

We will introduce you to the right design & marketing people for your project and budget.


Your project delivered, to your satisfaction

We pride ourselves in delivering on-time, on-budget. Our goal is to exceed your expectations & provide the highest standards in digital-marketing-for-dentists.

Meet Our Management Team

David Callanan - Wellmarkit

Business advisor & mentor


Sharmini Fraser

Head of Web Design

Cecile Dhour

Head of Digital Marketing

Jessica Head of SEO

Jessica Thomas

Head of SEO

Why work with Wellmarkit

What makes us different? We care about you – that’s why we only work with Health & Wellness businesses. We go further. We are not a jack of all trades agency or a one man band. 

We are a dedicated team with a phenomenal network, so no matter what you need, we’ve got the skills. You even get access to a dental practice business mentor – for free. 

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Dentists choose Wellmarkit because:

Client Reviews - Our customers have great things to say

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about their experience with us!
John Thompson
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We run a busy and successful wellness retreat centre.
Through a personal recommendation I booked a meeting with David. I was very impressed with his & Wellmarkit's level of understanding of our business and the detail they went into even in order to provide us with a quote. Their specialization in Health & Wellness was evident in what they offered and the great recommendations they made in terms of what would work best for us. Great ideas, well executed & I'm happy to say we will be working with them again for other projects.
Wellmarkit know their stuff!
Dr Jonathan Carey
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I heard about Wellmarkit through a colleague who operates another medical practice and spoke very positively about the experience. I contacted the Wellmarkit team and spoke to David. I knew I had found the right people very quickly. There is no substitute for working with people who understand your business and have the intuition to know what you are looking for and how best to deliver it.
Working with Wellmarkit was a joy. They speak in non-tech language, explain things and proposed solutions that worked for us and our practice. Good value for money & great solutions provided.
Bernadette Divilly
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Really enjoyed the process of working with Wellmarkit. Very professional and delighted with the outcome. Look forward to working with them again.
Eva Lulavae
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Very professional. They have built my website and I continue with them for the maintenance, the quality of the service is exceptional. David and his team take care of all the details and work in a familiar and trusting environment that makes you feel accompanied, they are fast and very transparent, which is difficult to find in this area. very happy with them. I fully recommend them.
Jessica Thomas
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I have worked with Wellmarkit on multiple occasions and the team are incredibly results driven, professional and are great marketing wellness businesses with web design, branding and SEO. I highly recommend their services if you are looking to gain more exposure online.
Bronwen Allan
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Very enjoyable thought provoking interaction with attention to detail and a professional and personal touch that made the difference. This quote stood out from the rest.

5 great benefits Wellmarkit dental practice clients enjoy:

Dentist clinic marketing Wellmarkit

How Wellmarkit help with online marketing for dentists

Web Design & Development

We create high performing websites for dental practices

  • Design a new dental clinic website
  • Upgrade your existing site + add new features

Digital Marketing​

Innovative online marketing solutions to grow your dental clinic

  • Content Marketing & copywriting
  • Email Marketing & funnel setup
  • Social Media Management


Dental website optimisation to increase Google search ranking

  • On-page SEO: Keyword research, Metadata Optimisation, Internal Linking
  • Technical SEO: Website speed, Mobile friendliness, site structure optimisation
  • Competitor research, local SEO & more

Photography & Videography​

Professional photo & video, expertly edited for your website & social media.

Mentoring & Training

Consulting & advice to take your dental clinic forward. Regular group training & webinars to help you succeed.

Ad Campaigns (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Target local searchers with high purchase intent with our persuasive ads.

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12 Must have features in digital marketing for dentists

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can start immediately. Book a free consultation here. We will discuss your business, you plans, ideas and vision for the new site. As we work with Dental practices regularly, we will have plenty of ideas too.

After the meeting, we will issue you with a clear and detailed quotation. After you sign your contract, we’ll get started & introduce you to our talented team.

  1. Money savings: Everybody talks about the revenue boost from a new website but an even more important benefit is that a well designed dental websites save you a load of money. We integrate your site with your dental practice management system and many other systems (booking, billing, payments, social etc) so that your administration expenditure is cut drastically.
  2. Improved search ranking on Google: When your website is built, you are only half way there. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will lead your website to be found by prospective patients. The more people who can find you on Google, the higher the conversion rate you will attain if you have an attractive dental website. Wellmarkit have experienced healthcare and dental SEO experts to ensure that you are found by your prospective dental patients.
  3. Revenue increases: A quality modern dental website will attract more traffic. A high quality website is the centrepiece of all your dental practice marketing.
  4. Lower bounce rates: If your dental website design is appealing to your prospective customers as provides the information and tools they need to interact with you (booking, amendments, payments, electronic forms) then they will come to you and not to your dental competitors.
  5. First impressions: Yes, first impressions really do count. If the impression a visitor forms in the first five seconds is not a good one, then they will leave and they will not consider you again. Think about all the potential business your dental clinic could lose if your competitors offer a better experience than you do.

That very much depends on what you want. How you want your website to look? Do you want a fully customised website? What you want your dentist website to do (how many of your internal dental clinic processes do you want to automate?).

Your website will still look the same if you leave out SEO but your website will be of no value because your prospective dental customers will not find it. Wellmarkit have solutions for all budgets but we never compromise on quality.

We can give you a very clear picture of how much your website will cost after our personal consultation. We believe in transparency and so, our quotations are also very detailed.

Book a free consultation here.

The duration of the web design for dentists process depends on a number of things

  1. The number of pages you want
  2. Whether or not you have the content on time (or if we create the content)
  3. It also depends on whether you want a logo
  4. which design elements & functions you want on the website
  5. How prompt you are with feedback to us.

Our standard delivery time is 12 weeks and 90% of our websites are delivered within this time period. We can work much faster if you need to and can be ready in 7-9 weeks if you are clear on what you want and thus eliminating revisions.

A reputable web design & marketing team will not make this promise. Many web designers do promise this but they are being deceptive. To rank #1 on Google, you have to earn it.

Wellmarkit’s web designers each have over a decade of experience in dental web design. This experience and specialisation will give you every chance to achieve a high Google ranking. Our client satisfaction rates are extremely high, and we think you will be equally happy with the outcome of your Dentist website and Dental marketing campaign.

Wellmarkit work with dental clinics and practices of all sizes, so yes, we are a good fit to work together. In actual fact, we are probably the best web design partner you can find because we specialise in your sector.

Understanding your needs, your business, what your customers want to see on your website and what the best tools are for a dental website are critical to the success of your dental website design. A jack of all trades web designer will bring little or no insight and will just build whatever you tell them to build. This is the no. 1 reason why many websites fail and drive no traffic and convert no new customers.

Your website is an important part of your business and the centre piece of your marketing effort (all your marketing & social media channels will link to your website & it is the 1st touch point prospective new customers will have with your dental practice). You therefore really need to trust your web design team to support you and to portray your business in the best manner.

Wellmarkit understand your dental business, your dental customers and the internal dental clinic tools you use better than the average web designer because we work with dental clinics every day.

Choosing the right web designer is important because you will work closely with them throughout the new dental website development process. Indeed, you will most likely work with us for the foreseeable future as your business changes and adapts, so too will your website. Just like your car, your website needs to be maintained and we have excellent service plans for our loyal customers.

We can guarantee you that you will save time, energy and money by updating your dental clinic website to use the latest available technology and integrations.

  1. Recall Management Software is designed to facilitate follow-up with patients. Through a combination of automatic text messages, emails & reminders for your team to follow-up with patients. Dental Management Software allows for customisation: you can add your own messaging, office information and branding. This makes your communication look professional, efficient and seamless, and like other automation software, saves precious staff member time as well as running costs for your dental practice. Dentists usually see an increase in patient bookings, patient retention and reactivation.
  2. Confirmation software uses a system of text messages, automated calls and emails, which remind your dental clinic patients of their upcoming appointment times. Wellmarkit can help you choose the best confirmation software integration with your dental software, which features  you will utilise, as well as cost. Having your patients confirm automatically will save your team time (and you dental practice will save costs) so they can allocate that time to customer care and relations. Your patients will also appreciate the ease and efficiency of confirmations and reminders.
  3. Paperless communication software is also becoming extremely popular, not just for the efficiency but for the environmental benefits. From emailing  new patients their forms, to placing them directly in your management software, paperless communication technology make your patient’s onboarding seamless. Paperless communication speeds up patient flow and your team members time to be able to focus on high-quality patient care. The software generally includes alerts, missed chart note entries, follow-ups with patients, and provide a communication tool that allows the clinical team to communicate with the front office team efficiently – without continuously  walking through the office. Paperless communication also improves data privacy which is critical for meeting GDPR & HIPAA requirements.

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