Hello & Welcome

Thank you for choosing to work with Wellmarkit. We are excited to begin our collaboration. We will help you grow your business and operate in an more efficient and cost-effective manner.

The journey starts here and don’t worry, we will be available to advise and support you in the many decisions that need to me made. Just like in other areas of business, planning and preparation are essential to reaching the outcome that you want.

Here are the next steps on the journey to build your online presence.

Next steps

  1. If you are a recipient of the Trading Online Voucher, please ensure that you accept the Local Enterprise Office offer by signing the attached letter to the email you received.
  1. Take some time to research your competitors. Google search for your profession in urban areas (e.g. Dublin, London) and look at some of the higher ranked websites. These businesses are on page 1 of Google search for a reason. What layouts, colours, features, functions do you like. Note these down – we will ask you for them.

    It is important to do this research in advance of starting to work with us so that you get a sense of what your peers are doing & how they present themselves and their business. 
    Having said that, don’t get too bogged down on this either. You are not alone, we are here to help you too. It is just important to have your own ideas. We can then have an open discussion on what will work and work best. Some web designers impose their will, especially when the client is not sure what they want. We don’t do that, we want you to be happy with the result and to feel that it represents you. We collaborate.

    https://coolors.co/ is good for exploring colours & palettes if you have not decided on a colour palette.
  1. Domain name: If you do not already own a website, the chances are that you will need to get a domain name. Your domain name is your web address e.g. wellmarkit.com is our domain name. Go to https://www.irishdomains.com/ and check that the domain name you desire is available. At current prices, a .ie domain will cost you €14.95 + VAT. Buy your domain name and email us the relevant emails you receive.
  1. Hosting: Hosting describes the allocation of space on a web server for a website to store its files. If your website is the car, your hosting is your parking space on the internet. Go to the following link https://www.siteground.com/index.htm?afcode=d9d5ede24274dc71f23e20fcfc980088 and choose “get started” under “Reliable Web Hosting”. Choose the “Startup” plan – currently priced at €3.99 per month. Follow the prompts through to checkout.

What to expect

Design & creation of a new website can be an intense process but in truth it doesn’t have to be. Planning is important. Your engagement is important. It is also important that you know what to expect from us, what the timelines are and where and when you will get to give input & provide feedback in the process.

Below, you will see an indicative summary of the different stages involved in developing your website. This is a high level view, however, it should give you a good indication of what is involved.


Typically, a website design is a 12 week process with Wellmarkit. It can be done faster but to be honest we don’t encourage or recommend this. Who wants a rushed job, or to feel pressured. It can also be slower (if for example you take longer to give us your feedback or if we are waiting for input from a software provider you already use to take bookings etc.). 12 weeks is a very reliable estimate in most cases and if we see the potential for your project to run longer, then we will certainly flag this to you.

Wellmarkit web design timeline

Your involvement & feedback during the web design process

We will typically have 3-4 face to face meetings during the web design process.

1st meeting

We meet with the web designer and introduce your business. What you do? How you do it? Why you do it? Simple questions but understanding your business process is very important to know which tools and processes will work best for you and your customers.

We check out the example websites of your competitors which you discovered during your research. We explore the needs of your customers, the functionality, features, widgets and plugins you want / need for your website. We agree on the pages and website structure. 

If you requested a new logo as part of your quote, this is where we get your thoughts on a logo design. Your logo is the starting point for your website, so this will be designed first. Based on your brief, you will receive 3-4 logo designs within approx. 10 days. You advise on the changes (if any) you would like to incorporate to the design.

2nd meeting

Approx. 4-5 weeks into the project, we hold our 2nd meeting. We review final changes to your logo. You will also have received by email the 1st draft of your new website. This will be the outline of the website with placeholder text & images. We will take feedback on this 1st draft of your website in advance of and during this meeting. 

Any images and content that you will want to be added to the website need to be ready at this point as we are now in a position to add your content to the website. Also any images / video that you wish to add to the site need to be ready. Content needs to be provided to us typed in electronic format only.

3rd meeting

Approx. 9 weeks into the project. Feedback on layout and structure of the website resultant from the 2nd meeting is now incorporated. All of your content has been added to the site. E-commerce elements of the site have been added + your booking & payment solution has been calibrated. This meeting is a broad review of the layout, content, functionality added. This is the opportunity yo incorporate any final significant changes to the website.

4th meeting

Approx. 11 weeks into the project. All major work is completed. This is an opportunity to fine tune. There should be no new or significant changes flagged at this point. Corrections and final minor changes are reflected. The web designer will run through how to update your website and how to do the more common tasks on your website (e.g. add a new blog post). You will also receive a recorded video of this for future reference.


Your website is now ready to launch and go live. You will already have received the 2nd & final invoice as final payment for your website. We agree the launch date and move your website over to go live on your hosting account.