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So, you have worked hard all through the year. Have you made any money? Not ultra exciting, but ignored at your peril. Having a good insight into your sales, pricing, costs, cashflow and profit are of central importance to your wellness business success.

We have a team of qualified accountants including CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland), CTA (Chartered Tax Consultant).
Wellmarkit Accounting and business advisory
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We provide a full suite of services from book-keeping, year-end accounts preparation, analysis & submission for wellness businesses (sole traders and limited companies).

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Accounting & Tax


Wellness sector businesses can avail of the following services with Wellmarkit:


We even have tax experts on our team, so we can advise on all of the following:

Starting your business?

Should I form a company or operate as a sole trader?
What supports are available to me?
Should I register for VAT?
What about a business plan?
Where can I access funding?

Our Compliance Service Allows You To Fulfil Your Annual Filing Obligations With Minimum Hassle.

For complete peace of mind, leave compliance to the experts. We’ll make sure you’re up to date with your obligations and help you plan ahead to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Your business will have a dedicated team assigned to it, so you won’t be speaking to a new person every time you call. Plus, our advice is always free!
As your registered tax agent on ROS, we will deal with your registrations, queries, and main filing obligations. We prepare your year-end accounts, then file your corporation tax return (Revenue) and B1 annual return (CRO). For directors of the business, we prepare and submit the F11 income tax return. We also assist with setting up payroll and adding new employees, as well as general tax and accounting advice.


What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of recording & organising all the financial records related to your business.

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Financial records include:
As a rule of thumb, any document which supports or validates money in or money out of your business is considered to be a “financial record” and in line with the legal requirement to maintain proper books of account, these records should be organised and retained on file (for a period of at least 6 years).


Bookkeeping is different to accounting. Bookkeeping is the recording & organisation of financial information, and forms the basis of your sole trader accounts, which in turn forms the basis of your annual tax return. Whereas accounting is the review, analysis and reporting on the financial information to ensure businesses remain compliant with accounting & tax rules, and to help businesses make better decisions by interpreting their financial information.
There are two broad options for how you choose to do your bookkeeping: digital or paper. A physical book, excel workbooks, or cloud accounting software are all options for your bookkeeping system. The choice will be dependant on your business. If you receive a lot of invoices an accounting software package may be of more benefit than an excel workbook.

In this day of technology it can be easier to have a digital copy – it will mean information is easier to retrieve if needs be, you will be able to run reports on your information at the click of a button and it will also help to keep down any accounting costs (if you are outsourcing these). If the information is given in a neat and easy to retrieve fashion, it will significantly reduce the time spent by your accountant, and will therefore save you on fees in the end.

If you are receiving paper invoices you may wish to keep a hard copy but scan a copy into your digital process. Many of the cloud accounting software packages now use smart technology that will automatically “read” any invoices that you scan into it – thus saving you time on manual data entry.

7 Tips for Good Bookkeeping



When you set up your business, set up a business account. This will ensure you can easily see any tax detectable you have and allow your business to build up it’s own credit rating.



If you use a cloud accounting software you will easily be able to see the numbers you need. You can sync your business bank account to your software and have up-to-date information. This will save you untold minutes and headaches.



Ideally you would set up a schedule time or day in the week/two weeks to see where your books are. This will enable you to keep up with any money owed to you or by you. You will keep any unpaid fees down as a result. You can also chase up any unpaid invoices quickly.



The tax laws in Ireland change often and if you have these recorded you or your accountant can easily determine what you can use as a tax deduction or not.



Cloud based time tracking software allows your employees to clock in and out on their smart phones, tablet, or laptops easily and hassle free. There are softwares for just about any industry, it will enable you to easily keep track of overtime, or flexible working hours. This makes payroll a doddle!



If you set up alerts for the tax deadlines you won’t be caught unaware and will know when you have the bill ready to exit your account.



If you ask your accountant or a financial planner for help you will have access to a trove of information. At SCK group we can guide you on how to use the cloud accounting software and will provide an instruction tutorial when you first set up. We can also help if you need to customise the software to better suit your needs. We are more than happy to help you with any business queries you have, you only need to be an expert in your field!


Good Bookkeeping will enable you to have an excellent idea of where your business is vs the budget. You can easily see where you are owed or owing money.

Therefore it is really important for every business – small and large – to have an up-to-date bookkeeping process. The easiest way is to achieve this is to have a process or routine you do every week or month to keep your records in order – consider using Xero.

You can do this yourself or outsource it & we will be glad to help you should you have any questions.

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