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Bookinghawk Booking System

Bookinghawk – Who is it for?


BookingHawk is a comprehensive booking management system that is designed to cater to the needs of small business owners in the health, wellness and leisure sector. The system is easy to use and highly flexible, making it ideal for a wide range of businesses.

When looking for an online booking system for a therapy or active leisure business such as yoga or Pilates, the following features are important to consider:

Appointment scheduling: You should allow clients to book appointments at their convenience.

Payment processing: You online booking system should have the capability to process payments, either online or at the time of the appointment.

Confirmation and reminders: The system should send automatic confirmation and reminders to clients to ensure they do not miss their appointments. This will dramatically reduce “no shows”.

Online forms: Your online scheduling system should allow clients to fill out necessary forms, such as intake forms, prior to their appointment.

Secure communication: Booking systems should offer secure and HIPAA / GDPR compliant (depending on your location) messaging between you and your client.

Integration with calendar: The system should integrate with your calendar to prevent double booking.

Customizable: The system should be customizable to your practice, with different appointment types, duration and availability.

Reporting and analytics: The system should generate reports and analytics to help the therapist better understand their client base and practice.


Benefits of the Bookinghawk booking system

One of the key benefits of using BookingHawk is its simplicity. The system is fully inclusive and requires no additional website to use, which makes it a great option for those who may not have the technical know-how to set up a website by themselves. Additionally, the system is very affordable, with a monthly fee of just €11.14 for the premium plan, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

BookingHawk is built to help businesses get organized and improve their work-life balance. It allows businesses to manage all of their enquiries in one place, making it easy to access and available 24 hours a day. Additionally, the system is designed to save businesses time and reduce the need for repetitive tasks, which means that business owners can focus more on growing their business.

The system is also designed to help businesses increase revenue and boost their online presence. With BookingHawk, businesses can avoid missed calls and increase their online presence, which can help them to attract new customers and grow their business.

BookingHawk has a proven track record of success, and since 2016, has provided a high-quality booking platform to businesses in the health, wellness and leisure industry. The company is committed to providing exceptional service at an unbeatable price, and they strive to be the best booking system on the market.

To see if BookingHawk is right for your business, you can request a demo by clicking the “Get Your Demo” button on their website. After filling out some questions about your business, one of their team will review your requirements and send you a demo video based on your business. If you like the demo, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial, during which the team will be available to assist you and make the setup as easy as possible.



Key Features of Bookinghawk booking system

Some of the key features that make Bookinghawk stand out from their competitors include:

Unlimited bookings: Bookinghawk allows for an unlimited number of bookings, making it perfect for businesses that have a high volume of customers.

Credit bundles and class packs: These features allow customers to purchase a set number of classes or credits in advance, which can be used to book future classes. This is great for businesses that have regular customers who attend classes on a regular basis.

Gift vouchers: The ability to create and sell gift vouchers is a great feature for businesses that want to offer a unique and thoughtful gift option to their customers.

Zoom integration: With the ability to integrate with Zoom, businesses can offer virtual classes and appointments. This feature allows health & wellness business owners to reach more customers and expand the reach of their services.

Group bookings: The ability to accept group bookings is great for businesses that offer classes or activities that are suitable for groups of people.

Customizable booking confirmation emails and cancellation period: The ability to customize the confirmation emails and cancellation period allows businesses to set their own policies and procedures.

Automated waiting lists: This feature allows customers to be automatically added to a waiting list if a class or appointment is fully booked. This helps to ensure that businesses don’t miss out on potential customers.

Customizable terms & conditions: This feature allows businesses to set their own terms and conditions for bookings, which is great for protecting the business and ensuring that customers understand the policies.

Google Calendar integration: With the ability to integrate with Google Calendar, businesses can keep track of their appointments and classes easily.

Phone and Email Support: Bookinghawk provides phone and email support for its customers, which allows business owners to get help quickly when they need it. Customer support is often overlooked as people focus on price and functions when making product purchases. This is a mistake, especially when purchasing software and even more so if you are less technically minded.
It can prove invaluable to be able to pick up the phone and get help to setup or make changes to your booking system and this is one of the areas in which Bookinghawk outshines the competition.

There are other great booking and scheduling options out there including Acuity, Bookeo, Mindbody & others. Given the competitive pricing of Bookinghawk relative to competitors, their great range of features, focus on Health, Wellness & Leisure small businesses and unrivalled customer support, Bookinghawk is a great choice for your business booking system.

Wellmarkit does not have an affiliation with Bookinghawk and the views expressed are the views of Wellmarkit.

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