5 Great Therapist Website Examples


5 Great Therapist Website Examples


Therapists today are using the internet more than ever to connect with potential clients. If you’re looking for some inspiration, or want to see what other therapists are doing online, then check out this list of the top 10 therapist websites. From sleek and sophisticated to simple and user-friendly, these sites will give you a good idea of what’s possible when it comes to creating an online presence for your practice. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for ideas to update your current website, these examples will provide plenty of inspiration. So take a look and get inspired!

Making the right therapist business & website design choices

Would you like to have a therapist / counseling website that:

There are of elements to consider when creating a website that really delivers. Many people get wrapped up in making a website look nice.  Unfortunately, many web designers also focus on this as it is the only way that the client can tangibly gauge that the web designer is good or not. The real results will emerge within a few months.

What matters is traffic to your therapist website, potential leads and how well your therapist website converts prospective clients into client bookings. This is where Wellmarkit differentiate ourselves from other web designers. We are 100% focused on supporting therapists, health & wellness business owners. By specializing, we understand your business better, your processes, challenges and also what is working for your peers. A good website takes time, energy & money. Do it once & do it right. Contact Wellmarkit today.

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Marketing & web design for therapists Wellmarkit 2Many people & indeed web designers will give you website advice that isn’t actually helpful. They tell to “have a strong presence on the web,” or redesign your site in order attract more clients. Without an expert in therapy website design & real world examples of successful therapist websites it can be difficult for someone looking at these websites to know how they should go about creating their own therapist website. This is why we are breaking down what each component means so when you  want to build your professional practice online you can challenge a web designer who is not acting in your best interests.

Therapy websites are critically important in running a successful therapist private practice or clinic. First impressions count and don’t be under any illusions, clients do their research before booking a therapist appointment. Your therapist website should demonstrate your ability to listen, observe, communicate well & show empathy. You need to communicate you approach and ideally have a video intro. 

Female Psychotherapist - Wellmarkit 3

The decision to go see a therapist is a huge one for many people and can take years to make that decision. Be the therapist who has a video introduction on your 

homepage. Seeing your face, hearing your voice and understanding your approach can make all the difference between them choosing to work with you as opposed to another therapist.

The right therapist website can be a great way to attract new clients and serve existing ones – but how do you know if someone’s website has what it takes? In this post I’m going share some examples. This will help you to see what it takes to rank high on Google and to generate leads for your therapy practice.

1. Harley Therapy London


Best Website Hero section

According to Hubspot: “In web design, a hero image is the first photo, graphic, illustration, or video people see on a web page. It typically incorporates both an image and text in order to convey a company’s core message. Hero images sit above the fold and often feature a call to action (CTA) that encourages people to dive deeper into the website..” 

The hero image is your first opportunity to say to your visitor that they are in the right place. The hero image established the tone of your website, and creates an immediate, emotional response in the visitor. It is crucial to get it right.

And we can see, Harley Therapy in London have achieved just that. The image used here is bright and hopeful, and immediately tells the visitor that they are in a place that will be uplifting and inspiring.

Other ways this therapist website example stands out:

·        Colours: When setting out to design a website, a top priority is perfecting your website’s colour palette. The best way to do this is to look at existing therapy websites and to research other counselling / psychotherapy / coaching websites.

·        Contact: This therapy & mental wellness practice shows multiple options for a website visitor to take the next action. There is a book online button, a phone number & prominent “find a therapist” CTA. It is important to ensure that visitors who are in a hurry and want to contact you immediately can do so without having to make an effort to find your contact details.

·        Fonts: Designer Michael Bierut once said that fonts are to written text what tone and accent are to your speech. Essentially, fonts are your brand’s voice. When you choose the HTML and CSS fonts you’ll use on your website, what do you want your audience to hear?

·        Specialties: The clinics services and focus areas are clearly defined. Harley Therapy clearly states what their areas of focus are They present their service offering in a manner that is visually pleasing and up-beat. Finally, there is a clear call to action for each therapy service.

2. Two Chairs Therapy


Best Large Therapy Practice – for Simplicity

Visitors to a website expect simple interfaces, short and snappy navigation lists, icons that represent hidden functionality tidied away at page corners, and content that is bold and simple.

In short, people want to be able to get straight to the point, without wasting time. The same rules apply to a psychotherapy websites, coaching websites, holistic wellness websites and healthcare websites in general.

1. Messaging is key to a successful website – it’s the first thing users see, and if it doesn’t appeal to them, they’re going to bounce.
2. Strong messaging grabs attention and compels users to stay on the site longer than a few seconds.
3. There are a few things you can do to ensure your messaging is strong: make sure it’s clear and concise, uses strong visuals, and speaks to the user’s needs.

Two Chairs Therapy’s website is modern, simple, professional, and welcoming all in one. A friendly therapist photo, combined with a short introduction helps foster an instant connection. The statistic “98% of Two Chairs clients find the right therapist on the first try” providers reassurance that the clinic provide excellent service, tailored to the client. Clear CTA’s make it easy for visitors to find the information they need right away. 

At the top, five simple navigation options keep the site feeling simple and straightforward — while the clean layout keeps things looking modern. Good bio’s and concise information make this an easy website to analyse and come to the conclusion that Two Chairs therapy are an exceptional clinic and a worthy choice to book an appointment at.

3. Klearminds Therapy


Best Large Therapy Practice – for Video

Klearmind’s website and the content is nothing short of awesome. It grabs attention, it’s not too wordy, they use no formal language & very little psychobabble. Rather importantly, they don’t just focus on the services the provide, they also have pages dealing with the issues they treat. After all, the average person with no experience of therapy will not know what cognitive behavioral therapy is. They certainly will not know why it might be a preferred solution versus another form of therapy.

Klearmind’s website is an example of how copy and design can come together to send a clear message and reflect the therapist or therapy practice authentically.

Klearmind’s have decided to use video on their homepage and elsewhere on the website. This is something we are advocating for widely and especially for psychotherapists, psychologists, Gestalt, CBT and coaches to use. Why? Just look at the trends on social media, how Instagram is being forced o change and how Tiktok is growing so quickly.

Wellmarkit’s current advice to clients is that video is now an essential component to incorporate on your website. Especially if you are a therapist. Think about it. A video on your homepage builds rapport with a website visitor. The prospective lead can hear your voice, see your face, visualise themselves at your clinic. It is an opportunity for you to outline your approach and share how you have helped others in similar circumstances. Any fears about stepping into the unknown are alleviated by providing the assurance that you are the right person to help them move forward with their life.

4. Just Mind - Austin


Best Therapy websites –  Content & structure

Some websites burst with personality. For every one that succeeds, six fail. Therapy sites are not traditionally meant to be the front line in website design creativity. Remember why we are here! Your therapist website is not for you, it is for your clients. Many website clients are a bit taken aback when we say this to them but it is true. A website is a tool you create for clients and prospective clients to get the information they need, enable them to make a decision and allow them to take action i.e. book an appointment.

Booking therapy can be a daunting experience. Luckily, this design makes the process feel quick, easy, and non-intimidating. Just Mind’s website is not cutting edge, it doesn’t need to be. It serves its purpose and does so very well. The menu is clear and uncluttered. The content on each page is excellent in quality and concise in volume.

The team are well presented with excellent bio’s and we love the great images that Just Mind have shared of the interior of their clinics. These are excellent additions and will put prospective new clients at ease. You are not walking into the unknown if you can see where you will be and know who you will speak with.

Just Mind have also shared their wealth of experience in numbers with statistics on the average years experience of each therapist & the number of clients served by Just Mind clinics. Further reassurance is provided with testimonials and featured in segments.

5. Francesca Moresi


Best Individual Therapist Website 

This website is proof if any more were needed that the advice we give to clients works. Fancy design costs more because it is custom built. Simplicity is more important than intricate beauty, especially wehn it comes to building websites that convert for therapists.

Francesca’s website is clean, offers the right content within a clear and logical page structure. Website visitors can navigate easily to where they need to go. 

Following out proven process for psychologist, psychotherapist, counselling & coaching websites will deliver the results that matter – traffic, prospects and conversions on your website in the form of inquiries and bookings. 

Francesca’s website ranks very prominently on Google for competitive keywords in a geographic area which is also highly competitive – London. Content is king. Wellmarkit have a superb package which we can offer to website design clients. We conduct traffic analysis of your local competitors as well as those who rank on page one in Google for your niche. We analyse their website and its content to establish which pieces of content drive traffic to their website. We provide you with the topics, blog subjects and relevant keywords so that you can write competing content.

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