2021 Marketing Trends for Wellness Businesses

  1. Local SEO

Google regularly update their local SEO algorithm. Consequently, you need to regularly revisit your wellness busines appearance in local search results also. There is good reason to keep your Google My Business listing updated and current for local SEO purposes. If someone searches for a specific wellness service in a specific geographic location (e.g. Reiki in Wimbledon, South West London), they have clearly got a higher level of intent to make a purchase because they are being quite specific. If their intent to purchase is strong, then it is easier to convert them into a paying customer.

Get started by getting your wellness business verified by Google. Wellmarkit can help you here. Our SEO expert can create a listing for your business on Google My Business. This part is not difficult but where it gets more difficult and where we can really add value is in building up your citations in the right locations (geography & wellness sector specific platforms, relevant business directories.

Contact us at Wellmarkit to see how we can help your wellness business to rank first locally on Google.

  • Featured Snippets & no-click search

Traditionally up to now, the goal of SEO was to reach position No.1 in search results. As we enter the 2020’s the trend is moving towards hitting position zero. Position zero is Google’s “featured snippet”. A featured snippet is highly prized, and it works differently to any of the other search positions. It is positioned right up top and separated in a box. Critically, you get more real estate on the search page & featured snippets show extra information and attempt to answer the users question without clicking. For this reason, it is known as “no-click search”.

  • Customer Segmentation

What is this about? In a nutshell this is about smart marketing. It is not new, but it is what you do when you eventually realise you are throwing money away on marketing. Rather than having a few large marketing campaigns targeting general audiences, you should be running smaller marketing campaigns targeted at more specific audiences. The result will be less money spent and more customers. Winning!

Customer segmentation involves breaking down your target audience by behaviours and demographics. You can then tailor your marketing and your content to match their interests. Write specific blog posts and newsletters to the different audiences and of course have separate mailing lists!



  • Visual searches

Right now, you can search for video and images by typing in keywords. You may not have known that it is also possible to run a search based on submitting existing images. This development is going to have a major impact on SEO. To respond, your image and video SEO need to be on the money. We can help you do that & teach you how to keep it in shape. Contact us for help optimising your website for visual search.

  • Sustainability

People are concerned about the environment and rightly so. Your business & brand needs to demonstrate awareness and more importantly actions to protect the environment and sustainability. There are many ways to communicate this and Wellmarkit can help you to do this.



We practice what we preach. Our team work entirely from home and wherever you are, we are there too. We have a presence in Ireland, UK, USA, Australia, France, Spain & Switzerland. We know wellness and we know your local market. Contact us today.