About Us

Our goal is to help Health & Wellness businesses to flourish.

We help you to capture more customers, deliver better experiences and nurture longer relationships.

Why we created Wellmarkit

We created Wellmarkit to be the trusted partner of the Health, Wellbeing & Fitness community. Why? 


Who we are

We are a collective of professionals with a strong interest in helping wellness businesses to achieve their goals. We are a talented team of web designers, digital marketing experts and business professionals who are dedicated to helping you optimise your use of technology, reach more customers & serve them well.

We only work with the best, so you can rest assured that your project will be handled in a timely, efficient, and cost- effective manner and that it will deliver on the objectives you set out.

Since we focus on wellness businesses exclusively, we know what the leaders in your field are doing, so we can accelerate your journey to be a leader in your area.

Who we serve

We only work with businesses in the Medical, Health, Wellness & Fitness sector:

Medical: Doctors & GP’s,  Medical Centre’s, Dentists, Orthodontists, Pharmacies, Physiotherpists, Podiatrists, Dieticians, Optometrists, Medical aesthetics, Fertility clinics, Private medical clinics & others.

Therapists: Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Life Coaches, Personal Development coachs, Gesalt therapists, CBT & Mindfulness therapists & others.

Complementary therapists: Nutritionists, Reflexologists, Reiki practitioners, Acupuncture, Massage, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, TCM & many others.

Other Health: Health Food shops, Supplement retailers, Health spas, Wellness resorts, Nursing Homes & Senior care facilities & others.

Fitness & Wellbeing: Yoga studios / yoga teachers, Pilates teachers, Golf clubs, Personal Trainers, Gyms, Crossfit, GAA Clubs other sports clubs.

If you work in these areas, contact us for solutions tailored to you and your wellness business.

How we can help you

You have three precious resources: time, energy & money. Working with our experienced team will deliver savings in all three areas. Our web design, technology, marketing, and business advice is tailored to you and to your specific field of health & wellness.

We speak to your peers in Health & Wellness every day. Working with them puts us in the unique position to know what is working best and which tools work best for specific fields in Health & Wellness.

Specialising in your sector gives us greater knowledge of you, your needs, your business operations, the best tools to optimise your processes, the cheapest ways to get the results you want. This leads to confidence, trust, and long-term relationships where we become indispensable partners.

To be a long-term partner requires that we can meet all your needs. Your core competencies are in Health & Wellness. Our goal is to enable you to focus on that. Our core competencies are in providing all of the services which facilitate & support you in delivering your services. For this reason, we have built a full-service agency who can meet all your web design, technology, business & marketing needs. Best of all, we are a partner to you, only your sector.

Technology, marketing and social media are as fast moving as ever. Keeping up with developments and new tools are a challenge you will not have to encounter when you decide to work with Wellmarkit.

We keep our clients and audience updated on useful and essential new tools so that you can keep showing up and delivering for your customers and patients.

Meet the Team

David Callanan

Wellmarkit Founder & Head of Business Development

I am an entrepreneur, mentor & advisor, helping Health & Wellness businesses to reach their customers, grow their businesses & realise their potential. I am the founder of Wellmarkit, a unique web design, marketing and business advisory partner dedicated completely to the Health, Wellness & Fitness community. Our mantra at Wellmarkit is more customers, longer relationships and better experiences.

Prior to founding Wellmarkit, I was a consultant and business advisor with budgetary responsibility & oversight for a $300 million budget at GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccination & Immunisation) – a Bill & Melinda Gates backed venture. Prior to this, I occupied a key position on the European management team at Expedia one of the worlds leading travel technology firms.

In addition to my considerable experience in wellness and technology I hold a degree in Corporate Law, Masters in both International Business and in Technology Innovation. I also hold the CIMA Chartered Management Accounting qualification & speak fluent French.

What matters most to me is my family, trust & integrity, helping people, running with my mates, sunny days & travelling.


Sharmini Fraser

Head of Web Design

Since I started web design in 2013, I have worked with over 300+ businesses internationally. Working with such a variety of businesses has given me a great insight into the profound effect that good design can have on a business. It can often be the difference between making a sale or losing one.

I pride myself on offering unique, creative design solutions that are not only visually impacting but also user-friendly, keeping your customers coming back for more. You won’t find designs quite like ours anywhere else.

Being fully immersed in the rise of social media and the internet, I have always had my finger on the pulse of the latest digital trends in both web and social media.

I believe that in today’s society, having a strong presence online is integral to the success of a business. I have gained a personal social media following of over 85,000+ and now share the knowledge I used to grow my personal brand with my clients.

Cecile Dhour

Head of Digital Marketing

I am an inbound marketing specialist – I build lead generation funnels and content strategies to promote wellness businesses and projects with a social purpose. With my clients, I review their whole marketing ecosystem, from their website to their social media, blog and newsletter – and we rearrange everything to build an effective customer journey and marketing funnel for greater success.

I am french native, I have a Masters Degree in Marketing Management and I speak English and Spanish fluently. Openness, people connection and good intentions are values core to my heart which I am also seeking in any of my work endeavours.

As an authentic french person, I love to cook (and to eat), I do yoga on a regular basis and I am deeply interested in the holistic approach of life and humanity.

Jessica Head of SEO

Jessica Thomas

Head of SEO

Jessica brings her WordPress and SEO skills together to help wellness businesses and succeed online. 

She began her SEO career helping her family business website get to the top of Google. Since then she’s been obsessed with Google’s algorithm and has helped countless businesses to master Google ranking! 

Jessica is an expert in Google ranking, keyword research, website audit & content plans. 

When not doing keyword research, Jessica is eating Middle Eastern food or completing her challenge of visiting every UNESCO world heritage site, currently she has visited 57!

Mark - Wellmarkit photo editor

Mark Siegel

Head of Media (Photo, Video, Editing)

Wellmarkit have a network of photographers to shoot your images and video, no matter where you are.

Our team are experienced in managing & working with photographers & editing staff and maintain high standards in photographic and motion picture editing.

We have strong ability to determine story narrative, and develop working outline for photographers.

Our team are excellent communicators and able to maintain an ongoing dialogue with photographers and editors at all phases of story development.

We can also co-ordinator with research and booking of photographers, locations, studios, stylists, hair and makeup artists, set designers, and related crew.

Mark manages a photo studio, shooting, editing & quality control & provides dedicated service & preferential rates for Wellmarkit.

We work with online and print editors on an assigned content beat to produce strategic coverage and ideas for both print and online.

Wellmarkit Head of Social Media Susanna

Susanna Hayrapetyan

Head of Social Media

I’m a self-taught social media specialist, with a huge background.


Being in the advertisement and sales field since 2008, I have worked with many local and international companies as a freelance SMM Specialist, Sales Manager, PR Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Consultant.

Since 2018 I’m also in the tourism field, ruling a big hostel in the city center and an incoming tour company. That’s how a hobby became a business!

The most important thing that I’m always open to new beginnings, to learning and exploring.

Core Values


We want to represent the Wellness sector and be your go-to partner when you need help. We built this agency for you & to be one of you.


We play for each other, we're a team. This means we show up, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to work each day. We're growing this busineSs not for personal gain, but for each other.


Do the right thing! We act with integrity, honesty and transparency. We are committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company.

Get it done

Clients trust us to build solutions that work and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results.

Let's discuss how we can help your business grow online

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